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Katerina Repponen and Pasi Nousiainen are a Finnish circus duo who have been working together since 2010.

Katerina Repponen and Pasi Nousiainen have been captivating audiences around the world with their breathtaking performances, showcasing their exceptional acrobatic skills in various settings, from outdoor stages to contemporary circus shows, as well as variete and dinner events.

Their circus performances have earned them worldwide recognition, having performed in over 20 countries and received multiple awards for their exceptional talents. With their extraordinary combination of strength, agility, and grace, Kate and Pasi continue to push the boundaries of acrobatics and captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

“The couple’s acrobatics by Pasi Nousiainen and Katerina Repponen are notoriously breath-taking.”

Helsingin sanomat newspaper

“Their hand to hand antipode act is a one of it’s kind, unlike anything seen so far in circus.”

Urs Jäckle, Artistic Director, Krystallpalast Variete Leipzig


2022  SPECIAL PRIZE Grenoble International Circus Festival – France

2022 – 2nd JURY PRIZE  + Kinder jury Prize – Kleinkust Festival Usedom – Germany

2017  JURY PRIZE – Bochum Open Flair – Germany

2014  SILVER PRIZE  – Golden Karl International Circus Festival – Latvia



Katerina Repponen is a talented and accomplished foot juggler who has made a name for herself in the world of circus arts. With a style that defies convention, Katerina is known for her dynamic and captivating performances that showcase her incredible skill and athleticism.

Katerina started her circus hobby when she was six years old. She used to be a part of Aino Heikkinen’s performance group that used to perform on the streets of Helsinki, and many people living in Finland have probably seen her at the Three Blacksmiths statue or at Esplanade Park. Her hobby gradually turned into a profession. Katerina graduated from the Salpaus Circus Artist line in 2010.  Additionally, Katerina received training at the renowned Ukrainian State Circus School in Kiev. Katerina actively performs around the world in various productions, festivals, and theaters.

Katerina Repponen, circus artist
Pasi Nousiainen, circus artist


At the age of ten, I joined the Sorin Sirkus in Tampere. The hobby soon became an important part of my life, and my career as a soccer goalkeeper had to be left behind. In 1992, together with Eero Auvinen, we founded the juggling duo, The Buldig Brothers. The group still holds the 1995 Guinness World Record for the longest juggling performance, 12 hours.

I graduated from Circuspiloterna, circus school in Sweden in 2004 and my main disciplines are hand to hand and juggling. Since graduating I have been working in many circus productions as a circus artist and many theatre productions as an actor. I have also participated in several TV programs.


Comedy Acrobatic Act – Solo Fot Two

Indoor act for variete theaters, galas and corporate events

A combination of hand to hand acrobatics, comedy and foot juggling

Duration: 8 min

This act has won a Special Prize at Grenoble International Circus Festival 2022 in France and Silver Prize at Golden Karl Festival in Latvia 2014


Indoor and outdoor performance

Duration: 20 min

This show has won 2nd JURY PRIZE  + Kinder jury Prize at Kleinkust Festival Usedom Germany and a JURY PRIZE at Bochum Open Flair Festival in Germany


Outdoor and indoor performance

Duration: 30 min

“Great show, Thank you. I was there with the children and we all enjoyed the show, even the six-year-old was able to enjoy, wonder and laugh” 

Contemporary circus performance SUHDE

Indroor performance

Duration: 50 min

“Company Kate & Pasi turns a relationship into acrobatics, where even the most amazing tricks are disguised in a pleasant ease and cozy comedy” – Turun Sanomat Newspaper, Frida Maria Pessi, 8.10.2021

Foot Juggling act performed by Kate Repponen.

Duration: 6 min

Suitable for variete & dinners shows, company and private events.

Whip Cracking

Duration: 8 min

Suitable for variete & dinners shows, company and private events.



Reutlingen Weinachtcircus– Germany – 19.12 2023 – 7.1.2024


Party Like Gatsby – London & Manchester – 9-10.2.2024 

Party Like Gatsby – Glasgow – 16.2.2024

Party Like Gatsby – Edinburg & Birmingham – 23.2-24.2.2024

Finnish Cultural Foundation anniversary dinner – Finland – 27.2.2024


Party Like Gatsby – Ghent – 1.3.2024

Party Like Gatsby – Luxemburg – 9.3.2024

Party Like Gatsby – Munich – 15.3.2024

Party Like Gatsby – Basel & Zurich – 22-23.3.2023


Party Like Gatsby – Berlin – 5.4.2024

Party Like Gatsby – Copenhagen – 12.4.2024

Knivsta Nycirkusfestival – Sweden – 13.4.2024


Namur en Mai – Belgium – 9-10.5.2024

CIRKL Festival – Belgium – 11-12.5.2024

Artisti di Strada Ascona – Switzerland – 17-19.5.2024

Süß und Salzig – Germany-  24.-26.05.2024

tête-à-tête – Internationales Straßentheaterfestival, Rastatt
29.05. – 02.06.2024


Babel Festival – Romania – 10-11.6.2024

Walder Theatertage, Solingen – Germany – 14.6.2024

Koonstfestival Lellingen – Luxemburg – 23.6.2024

Bondoro Festival – Hugary – 29.6.2024


Pflasterspektakel – Austria – 18-21.7.2024

Internationales Straßentheaterfestival – Germany 26.07. – 28.07.2024


Black & White Theatre Festival Imatra – Finland 2-3.8.2024


Free for festivals and events 🙂


Santa Maria da Feira – Portugal – 19.10.2024


Skidiviikko Tuusula – Finland – 9.11.2024

Festival Les Borealis – France – 27-28.11.2024


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