Spectacular circus acts and shows for festivals, events, variete and circus shows

Kate & Pasi are an acrobatics duo from Finland. They perform foot juggling, whip cracking, spectacular hand-to-hand acrobatics shows for outdoor, indoor and contemporary circus audiences, variete and dinner shows. Katerina Repponen and Pasi Nousiainen have performed in over 20 countries together since 2010. They have worked in many traditional and contemporary circuses, variety shows, street festivals and theatre productions, for companies such as Cirque Eloize, Krystallpalast Variete, Circus Monti, Sirkus Finlandia, Daidogei World Cup and many more.


“The couple’s acrobatics by Pasi Nousiainen and Katerina Repponen are notoriously breath-taking.”

Helsingin sanomat newspaper

“Their hand to hand antipode act is a one of it’s kind, unlike anything seen so far in circus.”

Urs Jäckle, Artistic Director, Krystallpalast Variete Leipzig